Autumn evening ideas

I know, I know, autumn doesn’t start officially in the UK till the 23rd of September. But I had to put on a coat as I set out for work this morning and I’ve swapped my herbal teas for mochas, so in my eyes autumn is here and you won’t convince me otherwise.

This is my favourite season as it pleases both my inner bookworm and introvert. No one will look at me weird if I’m curled up on the sofa burritoed in a blanket with book in hand (apparently that’s something that will get you odd looks for in the summer). But as much as I find comfort in the longer nights, I know it can be difficult to keep autumn exciting. The pull to come home from work, get into a snuggly jumper, grab my phone and spend the rest of the evening cocooned in my blanket is far too strong. Before I know it, my favourite season has soon slipped through my fingers and were facing winter (what is a tad too soggy for my liking). So, to help combat this I’ve composed my top 5 ways to spend my autumn evenings.

Blanket burrito and a good read… Duh

It’s shouldn’t be a surprise that this is my first autumn go to. There is nothing better than the type of hug only a blanket could offer. Personally, I find myself drawn to fantasy novels, most of them are based somewhere near woods and woods are just perfect for a blanket burrito session.

Soft lighting, hot drink and candle are a bonus. I often keep our living room curtains open for as long as I can. The nights are drawing in but they’re not intense, so there’s a bit of natural light as the sun set goes down. Combine a warm light, candles and a fading sunset and you’ve set a great atmosphere for your next evening read.

Write a poem or a book

Most of the creative people I’ve came across say they find it easier to work at night. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of disruptions, the creative flexibility or just a weird habit we have but for some reason I too find myself working best at night. One good thing that comes as the year progresses is the shorter hours of light. When the sun is setting at 6pm it gives the illusion that it’s a lot later on in the day and I so use this to my creative advantage.

Poetry is for any season, but I personally find it more challenging to write about summery things. I find more depth and flow in autumn and as a result I’m more inclined to write now as inspiration is all around me. It’s also just a nice way to spend your evening. If poetry isn’t your thing, you can still write. Most people dream of writing a book at some point in their life and if that’s you then why not give it a go?

Movie night

I’m not big on socializing so we may have different versions of a movie night. My version of a movie night is me, alone (or possibly with family) with a blanket or duvet, with a hot chocolate and a Marvel film. Your version might be with friends and back to back musicals, I don’t know. But either way a night spent watching your favourite films is an autumn must for me.

Binge watching TV series is also an option. I don’t watch a lot of TV myself, so I can’t point you in the direction of my favourite series, but I have confidence that you’ll do fine on your own.

Hot drink and a puzzle

I finally was able to tick something off my bucket list the other week, I can finally complete a Rubik cube!

I love a good puzzle. I don’t care if it’s a jigsaw puzzle, a game on my iPad (I would recommend an app called The Room) or on my 3DS playing professor Layton, I just love puzzles. However, I think they are a more seasonal activity. In the spring and summer, I want to be outside enjoying the weather (it’s a rare occasion we have good weather here in England, might as well make the most of it). Sitting down with puzzles doesn’t feel like the best use of my time in the summer, but in the later months it’s fits right in.

Add in a hot drink (you get extra points of it’s a hot chocolate) and some fluffy socks then you’ve got yourself a recipe for a relaxing evening… well that is until you get stuck on the puzzle, but we’ll just brush past that little fact.

Fire side chats

I fully appreciate that this won’t be for everyone, but if you have the option to I’d say give it a go. A few years back we brought a little fire pit for out back garden, it was nothing expressive or fancy. For most of the year it just sits there and looks pretty, but when the nights get colder and draw in, it’s the best thing going.

We have some close family friends who come around on the regular. In the autumn we supply the fire and the blankets, and they bring the snacks or drinks. We just sit outside, wrapped up huddled round this little fire and talk. If you ever get the opportunity to sit round a fire with your friends and just enjoy the moment, I’d say go for it.

I have so many other ideas I could tell you about, but I tried to limit myself to my top five. Have I missed any out? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll see if it was on my list of ones that didn’t make the post.

My question today for you guys is what are your favorite autumn activity’s?


Pumpkin photo sourced from Canva 

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