Garden moments in Shugborough

One thing you’ll learn about me pretty quickly is that I adore a good garden. It doesn’t matter how many I go to, how many times I go to the exact same place or even if I see the same type of flower a hundred times over. I simply adore a well thought out garden. The general experience is made a whole heap better if I have my camera by my side.

Not too long back I went to Shugborough Estate with a few family members. It was one of those times where I was so glad I brought my camera along. It’s now a National Trust property that has a full estate including a Georgian mansion, servants quarters, working farm and a walled garden.

shugbourgh estate
The Georgian mansion and garden

As you can probably guess, I particularly enjoyed was the gardens. The National Trust always do a good job of caring for the grounds, but one thing that was especially to my liking was the walled garden. Slightly separated from the mansion, it wasn’t the biggest or grandest I’d come across. But there was a more personal feeling that came with its petite size.

I also don’t find beauty in perfection, I find it in reality. So the organised chaos of the walled gardens was an absolute delight. We manged to go on the steady transition from Summer to Autumn, what I’d recommend. It was a rarity to see some lovely sunflowers not too far away from pumpkins.



Of course there was also the whole estate to explore too. There were well laid out paths and clear directions so there were no chance of ending up in the wrong place. One thing I enjoyed was how it felt like a whole different place. The vibrancy of the gardens were replaced by a sophisticated and mature environment with a fanatic color pallet.

Overall it was a lovely day out. It’s a versatile place that caters to families, photography lovers, history enthusiasts and anyone in-between. It has two tea rooms and shops, one gift based and one gardening. I could happily go back and spend another day at Shugborough  Estate.


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