Autumn bucket list

Now that my favorite season is officially upon us, I decided I’d combine it with another of my favorite things, lists. I know that autumn isn’t for everyone, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping but it doesn’t feel late enough in the year to put the heating on at home. I’m starting to get dragon breath as I wait for the bus on a morning and there’s a bite to the air arising, but even though I’m already complaining about the cold I’m so happy autumn is here.

I’ve already spoken in a previous post about this season shooting by if I’m not careful and how I really don’t want that to happen this year. So, in an effort to combat this I’ve created a bucket list for this season. It might also inspire some of you warm weather guys to get excited about this season too…

  1. Get outside with my camera and make the most of the falling leaves – As much as I enjoy spring and summer, they can start to feel a bit boring after a while. There are only so may photos of flowers or sun lit landscapes I can take and still feel they’re visually interesting. The changing of the season opens up new possibilities and colour pallets that get me excited to be out with my camera again.
  2. Play in the leaves – I’m still a child at heart and jumping in a big pile of leaves just had to be on this list.
  3. Spend an evening with friends outside by the chimenea– A while back we brought this little chimenea for our back garden. It’s nothing big or special, you can only fit one small log in it, but it can produce a fair amount of heat. Sitting outside, wrapped up in blanket with a hot drink in hand laughing with friends is a lovely way to spend an evening.
  4. Watch a fireworks display– This was something I used to do as a child almost every year. As I’ve gotten older its became less off an exciting big event and more of a shrug shoulders, meh I’m not bothered kind of thing. Next year I’m going to be at university, so I’d like to go to a fireworks displace for old-time sake.
  5. Have some buttered popcorn – Popcorn is my ultimate autumn snack. It’s quick, easy and warm. I usually stick with good old salted but I’ve been tempted by pintrest images of buttered popcorn and I’m feeling like autumn won’t be complete unless I give it a go.
  6. Try 3 new autumn inspired drinks– It has been months since I step foot in a Starbucks (something I’m pretty proud of), I just haven’t been feeling the love towards over priced coffee. I’ve switched out my Starbucks for a local coffee shop called Liar Liar and have never looked back. I’m not sure if the local place changes their drinks for autumn, but either way I will be trying some new autumn drinks (even if it means me having to go back to Starbucks).
  7. Get a new chunky knit scarf– If you’ve ever met me in person then you’ll know just how much I complain about being cold. Over time I’ve gathered quite a collection of thick jumpers and socks however, scarfs are something I never really went for. I’m not sure why but they simply weren’t my thing. Of course this changed last year when we had snow and I was waiting outside work before we opened as I didn’t have keys. This autumn I’d like to be prepared and get myself a warm scarf.
  8. Try pumpkin flavored foods – I can’t say I particularly like how pumpkins taste, they’re just weird in my eyes. However, it’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to enjoy. People rave about pumpkin pies or even pumpkin spiced lattes and I’ve just not got into it. This year I’m going to challenge myself to try new things and new flavors that I might have avoided in the past.
  9. Make an apple pie – I don’t think this ones needs an explanation, you just have to make an apple pie in autumn.
  10. Go on a morning run – Right now this one isn’t compleatly possible as I have injured myself, but once that’s all fixed I’m hoping to try to go running with my mum again on a morning. I know I’ll complain loads on the day about it being cold, but once it’s over I’m confident I’ll be coming home with a smile on my face.
  11. Have a walk through some woods– I’m thinking I might be able to hit two birds with one stone and take my camera with me when I do this and possibly bring that chunky scarf a long for the ride too.
  12. Read 2 new fantasy books – I still stand by the belief that autumn is best for fantasy reads, maybe it’s just be who feels that way, but that but you won’t budge me on this one. Seeing as I’m making an effort to blog about what I’m reading, what better way to motor through some good book than to set it a goal.

So that’s my bucket list for this season. Are you creating your own list for Autumn? If you are let me know if it differs from mine at all.

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