Autumn apple harvest at Erddig

Well we finally had a bit of break from the bleak weather here in the UK. It’s been pretty miserable this past week what’s put a damper on getting out with my camera. However, the sun made an appearance by Wales today, what opened up the perfect opportunity to get out.

Erddig National Trust property isn’t all too far away, so my brother and myself made the decision to pop round for the afternoon as it was what I like to call the ‘apple festival’. It’s proper name is the apple harvest, and it’s a once a year event


If you’ve ever been to Erddig you’ll already know about their orchard. If you’ve never been there, let me fill you in real quick. In their gardens and grounds they have an orchard and this year they have picked a whopping 141 variety’s of apple. To go with this they also had a few stalls dotted around the estate. There was a stall where you could dunk bits of apple in melted chocolate, have a taste of the honey that was grown on the estate as well or even have a go with the cider made from the apples.

Sprinkled all over the estate was subtle apple themed decorations. Adorable bunting lined the entrance ways and apple carvings sat on tables knitted the place together. My favorite had to be the ginormous wooden apple sculpture that was placed in the front court-yard.



All in all the pace had a lovely feel to it. You can’t have an orchard without trees and those trees were quite a gorgeous sight. There’s a reason why Autumn is my favorite season and the colors of the leaves have a big part to play in that. Sure they’re slippy as anything, but it’s worth having a stroll around the estate.


Remember those 141 apple variety’s they had? Well they made a real effort to make a lovely display showing off as many as they could. Let me tell you something, the smell was amazing. There is no way you can walk away and not want a home-made apple pie.



The apple harvest is for all of October, if you get the chance I’d really recommend you give it a visit. Not only is a visually pleasing time to visit, but your other senses will really get a treat as well.

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