This months reads

There’s so much I enjoy about Autumn reading, nothing beats sitting down with a good book, a cozy blanket and a hot chocolate. Autumn is prime reading time in my eyes and I get through the majority of the books I’ve accumulated over the year in this season.

There have been 3 main books I’ve been focusing my attention on, Uprooted (what I’ve read about 5 time already), Drinks with dead poets and the End of MR. Y (I’ve had this gem on my shelf since the start of the year).


Uprooted held the place as my favorite book for over 2 years and has only just been replaced. It has a heavy fantasy vibe from the off and follows a very relatable heroine named Agnieszka who lives in a peaceful village. Her village is only a stones throw away from a enchanted forest refered to as ‘the Wood’.

From the off this book might sound like your typical fairytale but is far from that. Wrote with haunting precision, there were a few moments where I was left staring at the pages in complete awe and shock. It’s by no means a story for the faint hearted but if you dare to pick it up you’re in for a treat. It’s dark magical theme had me hooked from page one and I’m so happy to be revisiting it this month.


If you’re after a book that doesn’t fit in with the norm Drinks with dead poets is the book for you.

I really have to concentrate when reading this one mainly because I didn’t realise that it was a sequel to the first book, so it rules out most evenings when I’m half asleep after work. However, it’s most certainly a book that will bring a smile to your face. I’m going to be studying writing at University next year and this book is a lovely introduction to famous English poets.


The first time I’d come across the author Scarlett Thomas was a lovely book called PopCo. I was so taken with her writing style that I went on to buy a second of her books, The end of MR.Y and I was not disappointed.

The story is based around a supposedly cursed book called The End of Mr. Y what the protagonist Ariel Manto get’s her hands on through a second-hand books store. With the book in her possession, we watch Ariel embark on an adventure like no other.

Weirdly this book has taken me almost the year to get half way through. The reason this has happened is because it’s such a dense book. It has a plot like nothing I’ve come across, it’s by no means a difficult read but it is different. When I find a book I like I go on a reading marathon to get through the whole thing in a day, I just want to gobble up the story page by page. The end of MR.Y is diffrent, I want to savor this book. It was a raw, uncut elegance about it that I don’t want to rush. There is also no worry of me forgetting the plot either, this book has a real way of imprinting on your brain, I couldn’t forget it even if I tried.

So there we have it, those are the 3 books I’ve been reading this month. I got most of these from my local book shop, Booka, but they are all available on amazon if you’d like to give them ago yourself. 

What have you been reading this month?


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