A photo essay on autumn adventure

Halloween has never been a thing for me, when other get excited for parties, horror movies and bad costumes I get excited for one of my favorite things… pumpkins.

Despite loving the orange bowling balls of happiness, pumpkin carving isn’t on my to do list in the Autumn. The reason I like them so much has something to do with how they look through my camera lens. One thing that’s on my bucket list is to travel over to America with trusty camera in hand and go pumpkin picking. The colours are fascinating, no two look the same and there’s a lot more opportunity for creativity then you’d first think.

When I found out that Llynclys farm shop was open to the public who desired to pick their own pumpkins from the field was a thing, I just had to go. I’d been there years back to choose a pumpkin but there wasn’t the option to go into the field and chose them yourself.


With Halloween only being a few days away, we visited at the end of the pumpkin season. The majority of big pumpkins in the field had been snatched away already however, it didn’t take the fun away from going in the field and having a look for ourselves.

feild of pumpkins


Not only was there trolleys and wheelbarrows available to use if you wanted to pile pumpkin after pumpkin in your car but you were left to your own devices entirely, it was fantastic. Then, once you had chosen your perfect pumpkin you made your way into the farm courtyard and I wasn’t not expecting what we walked into.

me and many pumpkins

Hats off to the gentleman who owns and runs the farm, the place had been decorated stunningly. Crates of pumpkins lined the courtyard, a small refreshment area with hot food and cotton candy was by a children’s play area, not forgetting about the little hidy-hole containing more pumpkins by the farm shop itself.

As the autumn sun laid down to rest for the oncoming night, the surrounding fields were a story all of their own, a tale even my lens couldn’t capture. I may never get to America to experience their pumpkin fields, but today had to come close.


A little autumn adventure to please a wary mind.


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