Christmas gift guide for your writer buddy

Some of you are going to be unhappy about this, but I’m doing to be dropping the C- bomb before December.

Yes, today we will be talking about Christmas!

I think I just heard a few of you groan, sure it’s a tad too early to talk about Christmas but last year I was completely unprepared for presents and boy it stressed me out. But something tells me that I’m not the only one who can have a bit of trouble with the whole what to get people for Christmas thing. So in today’s post I’m going to try to help with quite possibly the most difficult person to buy presents for – a writer!


No one can have enough notebooks, especially not writers. We use them for note taking, research, free writing, brain dumping, you name it and we’ll probably use a notebook for it at some point. There’s two routes you can go down with notebooks, an empty notebook that allows complete creative freedom or a ‘themed’ one. I have a ‘themed’ one that is broken up into different categories within the book, It came with motivational writing based quotes and chapter heading that helped you organise your work. As nice as that book is, the quality of it is really poor so I won’t be recommending it to you all today but how about the one featured bellow?


Click here to get this notebook

This one is from a company called Typo. They recently opened up a store in the shopping center that I regularly go to with my family and I’ve fallen in love with the place since my first visit. The online store is great, but if you get a chance try to go into one of their stores, you won’t be disappointed.


You can’t go wrong with stationary, especially with the variety available now. I’m notorious for making mistakes, so I tend to use a pencil in my writer’s notebook. But if your writer buddy is anything like me they’ll be easily swayed by colors, so they might like this ‘This girl is mighty’ pack by Heather from SomeHomeTruths on Etsy.


Click here to get the ones featured in this post


This one will come in handy if your writer buddy is into bullet journalling. For those of you who don’t know, bullet journaling is this lovely cross between a planner, diary and a sketch book. It’s completely personal and I’ve been keeping them for 3 years now. To add a little more pop to our pages some of us add stickers in. You can get stickers specifically for planners but I find these motivational stickers far nicer, and they might just help your buddy put pen to paper and finish that book.

stickersClick here to get the stickers featured in this post 

Check out other similar items on their Esty shop

A book

A good writer is a writer who reads a lot.

Never underestimate how important regular reading is to your budding writer friend. If all else fails, get them a book to read. I know it might seem like a daunting task, it’s difficult to know what books they like or what ones they’ve already read but rest assured it’s ok to get it wrong. I’ve been gifted book by people that I thought I’d really dislike however, some of them were a pleasant surprise and I throughly enjoyed them.


If you’re stuck for ideas click here and have a look at some of the books I was reading last month, you might get some ideas. Don’t limit yourself to fiction books as well, non fiction books can be just as educational for a persons writing as fiction.

Literacy quote or wall hanging

I’m after a few of these for when I go off to University for my dorm. Some writers have an office or a creating room, a dedicated space to write and work (something I hope to have one day) but most of us write in our rooms at our desks. No matter where your writer buddy turns thoughts into words, make sure they have a nicely decorated space. I’d recommend something like this gorgeous typographic wall art.

wallhanding thing

Click here to purchase the one featured in this post. 

This particular one is from Violet and Alfie, who I originally came across on Etsy. You guys would not belive how excited I was when I found out they had a website full of these gorgeous pieces of wall art. If you’re stuck for what to get anyone this christmas I’d really recommend you give these guys a look. They have such a variety of well designed prints for a range for all occasions, though you can probably guess my favorite section is the bookish prints. 

These guys were also kind enough to give me a discount code for you all. So if you think your writer buddy is just going to love a print from these guys, go check them out on their website – – where you can use the code LILAC what will get you 15% discount.

Zine or chapbook

If your buddy is big on the poetry scene or like to collect unusual works of writing then how about getting them some zine’s or chapbooks? The easiest way to describe them would be that a zine is like a little magazine created usually by one person for a limited amount of time (they tend to have the home-made style with them). A chapbook is a mini collection of poems wrote by someone, it’s not quite enough to make up a full book but more than about 10 poems.

A fun writing game

If you’re looking for something with that home-made vibe to it, how about a writing based game? Writers block come with the job, so does worn out writing muscles but you can help your writer buddy out with that. Whilst exploring the wonders of the internet I came across this…

Writing game

If you’d like to check out the game, click here

Advertised as both a writing game and a do it alone writing exercise, Sugar Porridge Spoons is like nothing I’ve seen to date. It has a cute and compact set up meaning it’d be easy to take along to other locations if you’re like me and migrate to coffee shops in the winter to write. This would also be fantastic if your buddy is part of any writing groups or clubs as it can be played in a group.

Well there we are folks, I hoped this helped those of you who are a bit stuck. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you feel writers would love to receive this Christmas. 

None of the items in this post were sponsored. All recommendations are from my own opinions and do not contain any affiliate links nor.

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