Have we become lazy with compromise and discussion?

I feel like the art of compromise has been lost to us. If you scroll through social media it won't be long until you come across some sort of argument, it could be about something small and silly or really big topics like Brexit. You simply don't have to look far before you find a… Continue reading Have we become lazy with compromise and discussion?

Autumn evening ideas

I know, I know, autumn doesn’t start officially in the UK till the 23rd of September. But I had to put on a coat as I set out for work this morning and I’ve swapped my herbal teas for mochas, so in my eyes autumn is here and you won’t convince me otherwise. This is… Continue reading Autumn evening ideas

5 Ideas for your gap year that don’t involve traveling

When I tell people I’m on a gap year their automatic response is to ask where I’m going. There seems to be a common misconception that all youth who are taking a year off are doing so to travel and I don’t blame them either. However, I feel as it modern day youth are becoming… Continue reading 5 Ideas for your gap year that don’t involve traveling